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It is important that you insure your valuables but it is just as important to have a proper valuation report; the so-called ‘pre-valuation’ according to article 7:960 of the Dutch Civil Code. Without this report, it is hard to prove that, for example in the event of theft, the stolen items were indeed your property and in what condition they were. Holiday snapshots on which you wear the jewelry are not proof for an insurer, but a valuation report from a certified appraiser is. Your insurer will pay you the amounts stated in the report.

An independent report is also indispensable in the event of a division. It prevents misunderstandings and your valuables can be distributed fairly.

Marjan Sterk provides valuations of your jewellery and silver for the purpose of succession, division or insurance. You can make an appointment to visit the store where your valuables will be measured and described straight away. You can be present and you do not have to leave anything behind. After that the report is drawn out and issued to you.

Marjan Sterk is member of the TMV; the Dutch Federation of certified appraisers, brokers and auctioneers in movable assets.


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