Micromosaic necklace 19th century

A fourteen carat yellow gold necklace designed as seven oval pink gold micro mosaics (47 x 41 to 35 x 27,5 mm.) of exquisite quality, all connected by oval cannetille links, at the back with two extra cannetille links and one oval cannetille clasp. Largest mosaic engraved at the back: “The Mosaics which compose the Necklace belongd to the Empress Josephine, Lady Bloomfield was so fortunate as to purchase them at Geneva 1816.” With a brooch/pendant mosaic from the same series that can be suspended from the necklace, engraved at the back: ”Aan Margaretha van Theodoor Roëll ter gelegenheid van hun tinnen bruiloft 1 December 1949” (“tinnen bruiloft” is the tenth wedding anniversary). Mirco mosaics made in Italy, ca 1800, cannetille links made ca 1830.

Length 46,5 cm.