Bvlgari ‘Monete’ necklace

An eighteen carat yellow gold ‘Monete’ necklace designed as a curb chain with in between six antique silver coins in spectacle-settings, at the back engraved with name and date of the coins (one with ‘Denario Domiziano’ and ’81-96 A.D.’, two with ‘Denario Alessandro Severo’ and ‘222-235 A.D., one with ‘Gordiano Puo’ and ‘238-244 A.D.’, one with ‘Denario Caracalia’ and ‘198-217 A.D.’, one with ‘Denario Traiano’ and’98-117 A.D.), on a catch lock with safeguard. Signed Bvlgari, made in Italy.

Weight 119,1 gram, length 61 cm.

We also have a ‘Monete’ bracelet in our collection.